Website development for two markets – Aroma store chain

Few words about the project ...

Modular approach is one of the development methods, where instead of per page template development, we are breaking that page into several smaller functional parts – sections which order, variations and contents are controlled via admin panel. Although specific module has the same function repeated across the website, they can have different contents, different image(s) or different layout variations – only by configuring them differently as we please.

This website has a lot of functional modules – over twenty, and a lot of pages that are combining them all in different/imaginative manners.

From that list of created  modules, I would single out  one of them – store locator – locator of nearest Aroma stores. On one side, website admins easily can add/manage store list, and on other side visitors can find listed stores easily in two countries – Serbia and Montenegro.

Take a look: