FAROS tours – redesign

Few words about the project ...

Faros tours website redeseign was chalenging multi-month task. Beside theme design and development, there was a need to migrate as much data from previous website. There was around one thousand of hotels, several hundred different locations with related data like:

  • more then ten thousand images that required to be:
    • processed – with new dimensions
    • optimized – lossless – reducing image size without visible quality loss
    • imported – so wordpress could use them – listed in media library
  • google maps that were injected via iframe in previous website version, and not via javascript, which translates to PHP data parsing, coordinate extraction – which results in smaller database – only coordinates are saved there instead of complete redundant iframe code with coordinates
  • youtube video clips – on previous website they were injected via iframe, which translates to PHP data parsing, YT video id was  being extracted – which resulted in smaller  database – only YT video id was stored inside database, instead of complete redundant iframe embed code
  • hotel and location descriptions
  • holiday activity programs

Basically whatever we could salvage from previous website, we did, and above that we implemented new functionalities, and by doing so, we significantly reduced admins efforts, they only continued administering the website, after that, not manually adding every hotel, every image one by one.

All elements before were injected in some non-standard WP way, using theme that costed around $40, injecting a lot of data via embedded HTML elements inside database, which is a bad practice.

Database should only store text  blocks, not  complex html blocks with inline css styles!! HTML blocks must be in separate html/php blocks, called templates, and only text or textual data should be stored inside database, if you want your website to be scalable and fast, with data that could be migrated with ease into any other format – coding by the book.

New website had also one new cool functionality(among other) as well – reservation form & calculator. Visitors now could calculate all trip costs, in cent  accuracy. Prices were calculated based on prices that were already inserted per each hotel – and yes, we’ve also automated how admins insert prices. Proper and easy administration is one of the most important steps in website development, even more important than how website will look.

All elements are optimized and we did everything that could be done to ease website administration. Admins aren’t web developers, we can only assume that to find they way arround in microsoft office. With that they could administer all our websites.