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Cookies – What are they and how we use them?

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What are cookies?

Cookies are small data packages, which are used to store text or numbers, which web presentation saves on your device for some time period, depending on its usage. Cookies are used to save some data which is used to recognize your device next time you visit same website or other page. Cookies are passive and harmless data chunks that can’t be used natively as a medium to spread viruses or some malware.

How we use cookies?

We use data from cookies to improve and upgrade our web presentation and offer you best possible user experience. Information gathered via cookies are completely anonymous and we can’t interconnect cookie info with some other data about you. They are used only for general statystics, like page view count, time spent on pages etc. Only GSM solutions has access to these statistics.


To improve our website contents and services, we continuously gather anonimous statistical data. We use cookies, which are set by Google Analytics to analyze how visitors use our web presentation. This tool help us to find possible anomalies i enhance your complete user experience of our website. Google analytics cookies contain random user identifier code which is used to track which pages you’ve opened, how much time visitors spending on pages etc.  These cookies does not contain data about specific person nor data that can be used to identify specific persons, they are used only for analytics.

About google analytic cookies you can find more on a dedicated presentation about them – how Google Analytics use cookies.

Google privacy rules are available on this url: