Lenghty list of programming languages, applications and different tools that are used so we could develop digital solutions that are asked from us.

From idea to profithalf of the work is already done - you are in the right place

Web design and animations

Interactive design embraces development of all needed graphic elements for specific website or app, including all needed states of those elements that can be triggered during website/app visit via any device – desktop/table/mobile.

Odzivni web dizajn za sve uređaje - GSM solutions

Website / app development

Development that is based on simplicity and code execution speeds. We take great care about optimization of every website element from proper architecture to smallest embedded image. Sometimes we have to be quite imaginative to get the job done – every project is a story for itself.

Razvoj web aplikacija i sajtova - GSM solutions

Graphic design

With digital world development, graphic design industry is falling behind. Print, as a media channel, has a negative usage trend, but still, from time to time, there is a need for graphic design – we can surely create everything you need in this media branch as well.

Grafički dizajn / Web dizajn - raster vs vektor - GSM solutions

This is what we can do, and what we do best

  • Website, online shop / e-commerce, web app development
  • Implementing and development of different APIs – REST, SOAP
  • WordPress plugin development
  • Facebook app development – Competitions, Prize games, Quizzes
  • Paying platform implementation
  • Linux server configurations and regular backups
  • Search Engine Optimization (on page) on existing websites – market analysis, recommendations and implementation of estimated improvements
  • Website speed tuning – decreasing loading times by doing – Architectural changes, Asset optimizations, Asset minifications, Caching
  • Data migrations – Reformatting, restructure
  • Data processing – Statistics, Analysis
  • Design and animations

With a little help of some tools…

  • PHP (programme language)
  • CMS (Content Management System) – WordPress, Drupal, Contentful, Shopify
  • Javascript – Vanila / jQuery / ReactJs / ReactJs + Gatsby
  • Gulp / Grunt / Webpack
  • CSS / Scss / Sass / Less
  • HTML5
  • Docker / Vagrant
  • Bash – linux sysadmin
  • Graphic tools and animations – Photoshop / Ilustrator / After Effects