Job tracking calendar app

Few words about the project ...

App is created to easily monitor all incoming requests from business clients. Client business is in handheld printer,computer or bar scanner devices – servicing & selling them to end customers. So there was a need to easily see all daily tasks organized by date, show daily monetary exchange rates, so they could track and resolve all day-to-day challenges and resolve them successfully. Every job has its ticket, every ticket has its own resolving status & comments, dedicated person in charge for that job, so app is basically communication app which helps the business on daily basis.

App, when its in idle state, will refresh its status periodically, so you just need to leave it open in one of the tabs, and come back from time to time to check what is new, or close the tickets once job is finished.

It’s packed with animations, ajax forms – specifically created to fit all client needs – there are no unused functionalities – so the app is very fast!